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Maybe you bought your BMW because you love the way it drives. Perhaps you have it because you like the vehicle's elegant—but still robust—appearance and aesthetic. Maybe you have a need for speed, but still wanted a car that’s backed by a reputation of reliability.

German automaker BMW has been around since 1913. In the beginning, the company existed under a different name—and it manufactured aircraft engines rather than land-based vehicles. Did you know? The acronym “BMW” stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH," which means Bavarian Engine Works company in English. This name reveals another historical fact about BMW: it was founded in the German state of Bavaria.

The core company that is now BMW underwent several changes in both name and structure throughout the early 19th century. Still, it consistently made both cars and aircraft engines in its early days. In 1920, the company's headquarters moved to Munich, Germany, and it still calls the German capital city home.

In 1923, the first BMW motorcycle—the R 32—hit the market. Although this added another focus area for BMW, it continued to push toward innovation in the automobile space. Not long after their launch, BMW motorcycles picked up the nickname “bimmer” in the United States. Over time, the terms “bimmer" and "beamer" became common ways to refer to any type of BMW vehicle, motorbike or otherwise. Even now, the spelling of "beamer" is often used to describe a BMW in the United States. In China, BMWs have the nickname of "bao-ma," which translates to "precious horse."

Bimmer, beemer, beamer, or even bao-ma—no matter what you call it, you have to take care of it! Whether you drive a classic M series sedan or a muscle-car-meets-luxury crossover model, BMW maintenance is vital to long engine life and a smooth ride on the road. Are you looking for high-end performance tires worthy of your sleek ride? How about an oil change or battery replacement? Firestone Complete Auto Care has your back. As your one-stop BMW auto shop, we can help you care for your car and keep it running newer, longer.

Our technicians are professionals in BMW auto repair services, and we’re happy to offer industry-informed advice on upkeep and proactive BMW maintenance. Feel like something is “off” when you drive your BMW? Bring it into Firestone Complete Auto Care for a Courtesy Check, where we’ll take a thorough look at your car and let you know of any BMW repair services you may need.

BMW writes specific maintenance recommendations for every model it makes, including oil changes, fluid exchange services, and tire rotations. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we make it easy to keep up with routine BMW maintenance. To see if you’re up to date on BMW maintenance, choose your model from the menu above and read through the recommended services. Not sure of the last time you had a routine BMW maintenance appointment? No worries! Firestone Complete Auto Care technicians can perform an inspection and see what services are upcoming or overdue for your vehicle. Make your BMW repair shop appointment online with just a few clicks, then leave the rest to the experts at Firestone Complete Auto Care.