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Since it manufactured its very first vehicle in 1903, Buick has been carving space for themselves in the luxury car industry. Established within just a few years of the Ford Motor Company, Buick was one of the early pioneers of the auto industry. In its first 20 years in business, Buick built more than 1 million cars.

Buick spent much of its time until the 1940s developing vehicles that would impress with both upgraded horsepower and luxurious aesthetics. Like many car manufacturers, Buick slowed its production of consumer vehicles during the war. Buick built more than 2500 Hellcat tank destroyers in the early 1940s and returned to its signature convertibles after World War II ended. In 1949, Buick included portholes as a new design feature on all its vehicles—a decorative element that has since become an unmistakable symbol of the Buick brand. 1959 saw the first-ever Buick LeSabre, a large sedan model that would grow to be one of the most popular Buick cars for more than 40 years.

The LeSabre marked a turning point toward practicality for Buick, and now, the company boasts a diverse line of vehicles. The Buick Enclave and Encore merged traditional luxurious Buick style with the driving experience of a modern crossover SUV, while the Lacrosse and Regal carried on Buick’s legacy of upscale, sizable sedans.

Much like the vintage convertibles and sedans of the mid-1900s, modern Buick vehicles still boast a distinct design style and a technology-infused driving experience. Buick has gradually migrated toward producing vehicles that can accommodate families and car enthusiasts alike while keeping safety, performance, and cohesive design at the core of its advancements. From SUVs and crossovers to sedans, Buick vehicles perform at their best when they're properly maintained.

Buick maintenance and repair doesn't have to be a complicated ordeal. Whether you're looking for new tires or need an oil change, Firestone Complete Auto Care can serve as your Buick repair shop. Our technicians are trained to identify Buick repair services that your vehicle may need, and we have the know-how to address small problems before they turn into costly issues. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, our years of experience with Buick auto repair and maintenance have made us into a Buick repair shop you can trust.

Your Buick is preceded by a legacy of luxury on wheels, and as such, you shouldn't settle for less than the best from your Buick repair shop. When you come in for any Buick auto repair service, your Firestone Complete Auto Care technician will treat your Buick like it's their own. We're well-versed in Buick auto repair techniques, and we use recommendations written by Buick themselves to keep your car in its best possible condition.

Stay up to date on scheduled, manufacturer-recommended Buick maintenance. Check the maintenance schedule for your Buick model using the menu above, then use Firestone’s online platform to schedule a convenient appointment for recommended services. Have more questions about Buick maintenance, new tires, or Buick repair services? Find a Firestone Complete Auto Care location near you and speak with one of our technicians today.