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Founded in Detroit, MI in 1925, Chrysler is known as one of America’s “Big Three” auto manufacturers. The company was founded by Walter P. Chrysler, former president of Buick Motor Co. Under his leadership, Chrysler unveiled the speedy but affordable B-70. As the first six-cylinder car, the B-70 strengthened the Chrysler brand and notoriety. In the following decades, Chrysler continued unveiling revolutionary automobiles, including the first minivan models — Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan. Chrysler merged with Daimler Benz in 2001, and then sold to Fiat in 2014,  becoming part of one of the largest automakers in the world.

Despite the twists and turns in its history, Chrysler remains a globally-recognized maker of sedans and minivans. Two of Chrysler’s top models include the Chrysler Pacifica and the Chrysler 300. The Chrysler Pacifica received second place in U.S News list of Best Minivans for 2019, thanks to its classy interior, convenient features, and fuel economy.

With tens of thousands of Chrysler brand vehicles hitting U.S. roads every year, it’s safe to say many drivers rely on the Chrysler name for transportation to work, play, and get life done. Are you one of them? If so, you probably want your Chrysler to go the extra mile for you, and one of the best ways of helping your vehicle do that is with timely Chrysler maintenance and professional Chrysler repairs. After all, what good is a Chrysler Pacifica that won’t start due to a faulty battery, or a Chrysler 300 S that won’t stop due to worn brakes?

Not only can proper Chrysler services and repairs help your vehicle perform better, but they can also help keep you safe on the road. So, whether you’re packing up your Chrysler Town & Country for a weekend road trip, or you’re suiting up for a Sunday drive in your Chrysler 300 — prioritize vehicle performance and road safety with top-notch Chrysler preventative maintenance, including tire rotations, wheel alignments for Chrysler models with and without Adaptive Cruise Control systems, oil change services, and more!

Learn more about your Chrysler’s preventative service needs using the manufacturer-approved maintenance schedule. Simply select your Chrysler model and year to find info about oil change intervals, Chrysler tire size recommendations, A/C service options, and Chrysler battery sizing. Then, schedule an appointment at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for the Chrysler services you need.

Still not sure what your Chrysler needs to perform at its best? Book a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection for diagnostics and recommendations, or come in for a free brake check and battery test before your next long drive. Remember, at Firestone Complete Auto Care, you can visit us regularly or you can visit us urgently. After all, we’re experts in maintenance and repairs, not just tires. Book your Chrysler preventative services today to help keep your Chrysler running smoothly tomorrow. Firestone Complete Auto Care is a great place to go for Chrysler repairs, Chrysler maintenance, and more.