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Well-respected automakers can be found almost anywhere in the world: Germany, Japan, the United States. Fiat adds one more country to the list: Italy. With strong roots in the culture of Turin, Italy, the innovative Fiat brand has been making cars since 1899.

Fiat automobiles are best known for having all the necessary features loaded into a small package. The well-loved Fiat 500 was one of the world’s first economy cars. It was initially launched in 1936 as a response to difficult economic times that had fallen on Italy during World War II. Although the details of the 500 have changed since then, the car's compact silhouette remains the same—and the 500 remains a worldwide favorite. In recent years, the small shape and distinctly Italian design of the Fiat 500 have become the basis for Fiat's modern models, like the family-friendly 500X and 500L crossover vehicles. Another notable Fiat car is the Panda, a sleek city car first introduced in 1980. Over the years, the Panda has become more and more compact, but its versatility has given it staying power as one of the most popular cars in Europe.

Did you know? Fiat isn’t actually a word; it’s an acronym. Much like BMW stands for three words in German, Fiat is short for a phrase in Italian: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. As the company’s full name indicates, Fiat was founded in Torino (aka Turin), Italy. But after 115 years with their headquarters in Torino, Fiat moved its headquarters out of Italy following its merger with Chrysler.

After more than a century in business, Fiat has perfected the art of creating small—but stylish—cars for drivers all over the world. And with a similarly long track record for tires and auto care, Firestone Complete Auto Care has your back when it comes to Fiat repair and maintenance services. As a Fiat repair shop, Firestone Complete Auto Care has what it takes to help you care for your Fiat, inside and out.

Some repair shops may not know how to care for an Italian-made car, but here at Firestone Complete Auto Care, we know our way around Fiat repair work. Whether your Fiat has worn out parts or requires an engine tune-up, Firestone Complete Auto Care can make Fiat car repair easy. Want to keep your Fiat in excellent condition for as long as possible? Fiat maintenance is the best thing you can do for your car. We use an industry-standard database to make sure your Fiat maintenance is up to date. Want to access this information for yourself? Simply choose your Fiat's information in the menu above and read all about Fiat maintenance recommendations for your vehicle.

International flair shouldn’t mean complicated maintenance! Choose Firestone Complete Auto Care as your Fiat repair shop for professional advice, experienced technicians, and customer service like you won’t find anywhere else. From Fiat car repair services to scheduled Fiat maintenance and everything in between, you can trust Firestone Complete Auto Care. Make your appointment online today and head to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care location for Fiat car repair and maintenance services you can rely on.