2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Tires

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2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Tires Sizes, Speed Ratings, and Inflation

Not sure about your GMC Hummer EV Pickup tire size? Use the following chart to find information on tire size, speed rating, and inflation.

Trim Level Tire Size Speed Rating Inflation in PSI F/R
2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup 3X* LT305/55R22/E S 52 PSI/52 PSI SHOP THIS TIRE
2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup 3X* LT305/70R18/E R 45 PSI/45 PSI SHOP THIS TIRE

2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup 3X*

- Size: Shop LT305/55R22/E

- Speed Rating: S

- Inflation F/R: 52 PSI/52 PSI

2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup 3X*

- Size: Shop LT305/70R18/E

- Speed Rating: R

- Inflation F/R: 45 PSI/45 PSI

* Note: these models have different tire sizes depending on vehicle options.

Recommended Tires for Your 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup

What tires are best for a 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup? The following tire brands and types are a great fit for your GMC Hummer EV Pickup.

Buy Tires for 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup

Finding the right tires can be quick and easy, especially when you have all the information you need to make a good decision. That's why you should come to see us when it's time to buy new tires for your 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup. Firestone Complete Auto Care is your one-stop shop for  GMC Hummer EV Pickup tires for winter, spring, summer, and fall. Whether you want a tire that's built to take tight corners, handle diverse terrain, or improve fuel-efficiency, you'll find affordable tires that get the job done.

View GMC-recommended tires for your 2023 Hummer EV Pickup, plus important information about GMC Hummer EV Pickup tire size, speed rating, and tire pressure. Take it from one of our tire technicians, Brianna: "You want to find the correct size for your tire. It matters in alignments and keeping your vehicle driving the way it’s supposed to.”

Apart from finding the right tire size, there are a couple of other factors to consider when buying GMC Hummer EV Pickup tires like how and where you drive, and how much you want to spend. If you live in south Texas, you probably won't need studded snow tires anytime soon. In Colorado, though, there's a good chance you'll want GMC Hummer EV Pickup snow tires for a good portion of the year, and maybe even all-season tires for year-round comfort and versatility.

When evaluating your driving conditions, think about where you live (countryside vs. city vs. mountains) and the kind of unexpected weather you're likely to experience. It's not uncommon for drivers in states that experience all four seasons to buy more than one set of tires. one for summer and one for winter. It's a smart way to capitalize on GMC Hummer EV Pickup's performance and safety throughout the year. Other drivers buy one set of all-season tires instead. That way they don't have to return to the tire shop and their vehicle is always ready for sun, rain, and light snow!

Driving style is next on the list to think about when buying tires. Do you enjoy pushing your GMC Hummer EV Pickup to the limits? Adventuring where other vehicles can't? If you're a diehard off-roader, you have very different tire needs than a highway commuter who doesn't leave the paved path. You'll want strong tires that can take on sand, stone, gravel, dirt, and more. A larger tire with stiff sidewalls and a wide tread pattern can help prevent punctures and encourage stability in uneven road conditions. But if you're comfortable in the city and suburbs, a GMC Hummer EV Pickup tire that offers comfort, stability, and a quiet ride could be just what you need. Visit your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for help selecting the tire that's right for you, or get started by browsing tires that fit your vehicle. You're only a click or two away from a new set of 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup tires.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup Tire Brands

You have so many options when it comes to tire brands that work for GMC Hummer EV Pickups. Firestone and Bridgestone are two popular brands. Firestone tires for GMC Hummer EV Pickups are always ready to get the job done! Harvey Firestone started the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in 1900 in Akron, OH. He was a passionate inventor from the get-go. Firestone recognized the overwhelming potential for automobile tires, so he began testing and producing passenger, truck, and farm tires. The company can be credited for introducing the first all-rubber, non-skid tire in 1908! Firestone Tires has been passionate about leading the industry since day one, thanks to Harvey Firestone's industrious spirit. Firestone now makes about 8,000 different tires for all kinds of vehicles — including tires for 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickups.

Bridgestone is another top choice for GMC Hummer EV Pickup tires. Bridgestone Tire Company Ltd. was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi in Japan in 1931 and merged with The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in 1990. Bridgestone Tires now has more than 50 production facilities and 55,000 employees throughout the Americas! The company remains an international leader in tire and rubber technology, providing world-class service, tires, and more to communities worldwide. As Shojiro Ishibashi put it, Bridgestone is dedicated worldwide to "serve society with superior quality." That means you can find superior quality Bridgestone tires for a 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup and drive with peace of mind.

Installing GMC Hummer EV Pickup Tires

Firestone Complete Auto Care installs more tires on more cars than most other companies. We're your tire shop and a complete service center for tire installation, maintenance, repair, rotation, and alignment! We make it easy to buy new 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup tires online and book an installation appointment at the same time. Many stores are open late and on weekends to better fit your busy schedule.

2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Tire Q&A

Inspecting and caring for your tires is one of the best ways to help them last. Get answers to common GMC Hummer EV Pickup tire questions and learn how to care for new tires.

  • Why check GMC tire inflation? A small decrease in tire pressure can have a big impact on your driving. Maintaining proper tire pressure can help improve braking time, increase fuel economy, and boost tire lifespan.
  • What do the tire sidewall numbers mean for my GMC Hummer EV Pickup? Your tire sidewall gives you information about load carrying capacity, speed rating, treadwear, traction, and tire size. Talk to one of our tire technicians to learn how to read the numbers on your tire!
  • Is there an easy way to check GMC tire tread depth? Grab a penny. Hold the so that Abe Lincon's head is facing you and his hair is pointing toward the ground. Then, place the penny into a tread groove. If you can see the top of Abe’s head, your tread is shallow and it might be time for new GMC Hummer EV Pickup tires.