2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Car Maintenance & Repair

Maintain Your Honda Accord

Don’t let unexpected car trouble get the best of you. Stay ahead of potential problems and schedule a routine Honda Accord maintenance appointment today.

2019 Honda Accord Maintenance

A little service can go a long way. Select a maintenance service below to learn about properly caring for your 2019 Honda Accord.

FAQs About 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Systems

  • How much does it cost to fix Honda Accord hybrid vehicle systems? The answer is, it depends. Some high voltage components are only available as parts of bigger units. Note that we do offer promotional financing with the Firestone credit card.* (*Subject to credit approval.)
  • Why is the gas mileage on my Honda Accord getting worse? Head in for an inspection. Bad gas mileage in a Honda Accord might be because of a bad or failing high voltage battery pack.
  • Why is my Honda Accord check engine light on? Your Honda Accord check engine light is trying to tell you something! It might be because there is a dirty oxygen sensor or a bad fuse. Or, something more serious could be going on, like misfiring. It's a good idea to come in for a diagnostic when you notice an illuminated check engine light.

Complete Car Care for Your 2019 Honda Accord

Firestone Complete Auto Care offers hybrid car repair and maintenance. We service 2019 Honda Accords like yours! That's right, you don't have to go to the Honda dealership for hybrid vehicle service. From the front suspension to the rear lights, your hybrid 2019 Honda Accord will be cared for like it was our own. Our technicians are trained to perform everyday maintenance and more on your 2019 Honda Accord, including tire service and repair, brake pad/rotor replacement, cabin air filter replacement, wheel alignment, A/C service, and even windshield wiper replacement. Learn more about hybrid car care here, and book an appointment now for Honda Accord maintenance.

High Voltage Services for Your 2019 Honda Accord

There's a lot of variation between hybrid vehicles. Some are named "hybrids" because they rely on battery power to propel or assist in propelling the vehicle. A hybrid vehicle might plug-in to charge, and some hybrids have regenerative braking. Some hybrids even come equipped with a conventional 12-volt battery and a high-voltage battery. With so many differences between hybrid cars, trucks, and SUVs, your 2019 Honda Accord needs a professional who knows hybrids. We're here for you. Your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care location is fully equipped to offer conventional and low voltage services for all hybrid vehicles, including your 2019 Honda Accord.

Select locations also provide high voltage services. A high voltage service is one that involves removing the Honda's high voltage safety/service disconnect plug/switch, servicing any high voltage cables, the power inverter, the electric machines/motors, the high voltage battery pack, high voltage A/C compressor, etc. Call before scheduling an appointment to confirm the high voltage services at your closest location. Some of these high voltage vehicle services might include:

Hybrid vehicle diagnostic: Once we understand the reported issues, a diagnostic comes next so we can identify the root cause of your Honda Accord's troubles. a diagnostic is performed to get to the bottom of the trouble with your 2019 Honda Accord. With the details gathered, your technician can solve your hybrid car problems or determine if any more tests need to be performed. We won't perform any repairs without your approval.

Hybrid high voltage battery cooling system inspections: The technician will examine your Accord's battery filter (if applicable) and clean up its ducts and other pieces. (This applies to air-cooled high voltage batteries.  Liquid-cooled or refrigerant-cooled high voltage batteries are inspected differently.)

High voltage cable inspection: Your technician will visually inspect the outer cable jackets and connectors on your 2019 Honda Accord and test to ensure high voltage is NOT transferring to the chassis. They'll let you know if the cable needs replacement.

Isolation test: For this test, a technician uses a special tool to see if any high voltage parts are "leaking" electric energy to the chassis.

Remove and replace hybrid electric battery: Is your Honda Accord's high voltage battery a goner? Let us install a new one.

Health check for power electronic systems: We'll examine the power inverter, regenerative braking, and/or electric drive motor(s)/machine(s) in your 2019 Honda Accord.

These are only a few of the specialized hybrid car services that could be provided at your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care. We encourage you to call before making an appointment.

Hybrid Maintenance for Your 2019 Honda Accord

Don't wait for weird leaks, smells, or sounds to come from your hybrid vehicle to make an appointment. Investing in 2019 Honda Accord manufacturer suggested maintenance is one of the best ways to help avoid repairs from the get-go! Our expert technicians can tackle your Accord scheduled maintenance to help keep your car running newer, longer.

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we're working to shape the future of hybrid vehicle care. You're right there with us, too, whenever you drive and maintain your 2019 Honda Accord! Schedule an appointment now for trustworthy hybrid car repair and maintenance for your 2019 Accord! Many stores are open in the evenings and over the weekend.