Electric Vehicle Service for 2019 Honda Claritys

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2019 Honda Clarity Maintenance

A little service can go a long way. Select a maintenance service below to learn about properly caring for your 2019 Honda Clarity.

Questions About 2019 Honda Clarity Electric Systems

  • Are Honda Clarity electric vehicle systems more expensive to repair? The truth is, it depends. Some high voltage components only come within a larger unit. Keep in mind that promotional financing is available through the Firestone credit card.* (*Subject to credit approval.)
  • When do Honda Clarity brakes need to be replaced? A brake check is one of the best ways to know for sure. Staying on top of your OEM maintenance intervals for Clarity brakes helps, too. In general, however, front brake pad wear is less in electric vehicles thanks to regenerative braking.
  • My Honda Clarity dashboard warning light is on. What should I do? A dashboard warning light means your Honda Clarity needs some sort of attention. There may also be a high voltage system warning light on. Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care for an electric vehicle diagnostic.
  • What can cause my Clarity to leak water? Electric cars use a receiver dryer assembly to help keep the A/C refrigerant free of contaminants, and this process can produce some condensation. When it’s warm outside, this condensation may drain under the vehicle. If you’ve been running the air conditioner in your Clarity for some time, don’t be too concerned to find a bit of water under it. However, if you discover large amounts of water or any coolant leaking under your vehicle, you may have a problem with the cooling system or another component.
  • Where can I get my Clarity repaired near me? Firestone Complete Auto Car is your go-to destination for Honda Clarity repair near you. Learn more about our low-voltage and high-voltage services.
  • How often should I get my Honda Clarity vehicle serviced? Service intervals for a Honda Clarity depend greatly on your driving habits. Consult your owner's manual and remember that electric cars still require regular maintenance, such as tire rotations, brake inspections, and fluid checks. They also require battery, brake, and A/C system maintenance.

Bumper to Bumper Care for 2019 Honda Clarity

Is the Honda dealership the only place you can have your Clarity serviced? Nope! From the headlights to the taillights, your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care can take care of practically anything your Honda Clarity needs. Appointments are fast and simple to get. Schedule one for everyday maintenance like tire service and repair, brake pad/rotor replacement, cabin air filter replacement, wheel alignment, A/C service, and even wiper installation. We're here to renew your ride, completely. Your Honda Clarity is in the hands of a technician who has been trained to maintain electric cars. Book an appointment now for Clarity electric car maintenance.

EV Services for Your 2019 Honda Clarity

Does your Honda Clarity run differently than it used to? Maybe you've felt less "pep" in its acceleration, or it feels like it is taking forever to go from 0 to 60MPH. If that's the case, Firestone technicians can conduct a no-cost* electric/hybrid vehicle check to get a better idea. Perhaps there is trouble inside your Clarity's high voltage cooling system -- if the high voltage battery is running too hot, it will reduce your battery's performance. Or, perhaps there are Diagnostic Trouble Codes stored in one of your Clarity's electric modules? Your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care store is ready to offer conventional and low voltage services for all electric vehicles, including your 2019 Honda Clarity.

Some Firestone locations also offer advanced/high voltage services for Electric Vehicles like the Honda Clarity. A high voltage service is any service that involves removing the Honda's high voltage, service/safety disconnect plug/switch, servicing the high voltage battery pack, high voltage A/C compressor, or any high voltage electric machines/motors or high voltage cables, etc. Before making an appointment, call your closest location to confirm that high voltage services are offered.

These are some of the high voltage electric vehicle services that may be offered at your location:

Electric vehicle diagnostic: A diagnostic is the next step we take after noting the symptoms your Honda Clarity is showcasing. This step will help us get to the bottom of the real problem. With that info in hand, a trained technician will further pinpoint any electric vehicle problems and figure out if more tests are needed. We never perform repairs without your approval.

High voltage battery cooling inspection: The technician will closely examine the high voltage battery's filter and, if needed, clean the battery's ducts. (This applies to air-cooled high voltage batteries.  Liquid-cooled or refrigerant-cooled high voltage batteries are inspected differently.)

High voltage cable inspection: Cables can get damaged. In this inspection, your tehnician will examine the exterior cable jackets and connectors and test to make sure high voltage is NOT transferring to the chassis of your Honda Clarity. If the cable needs to be replaced, they'll let you know.

Isolation test: During this test, the technician will use a special tool to check for any high voltage components that are "leaking" electric energy to the chassis.

Remove and replace high voltage battery: Is the battery in your Honda Clarity dead? Electric vehicle batteries can sometimes fail sooner than expected in hotter climates or if you often use Level 3 fast-charging stations, as these stations can heat up the battery more. Let us replace it for you.

Health check for the power electronic systems: We'll check the electric drive machine(s)/motor(s), power inverter, and/or regenerative braking in your 2019 Honda Clarity.

Your local Firestone Complete Auto Care may offer more or less electric car services. Call first to check!

2019 Honda Clarity Electric Vehicle Maintenance

You don't have to wait for abnormal smells, leaks, or noises to stop by for electric vehicle care. Stay on top of your 2019 Honda Clarity manufacturer suggested maintenance items to help prevent issues in the first place! Your nearby technicians can tackle your Clarity scheduled maintenance to help keep your electric vehicle running newer, longer.

We're doing what we can to reshape and improve electric vehicle service. So are you, just by owning an electric vehicle and caring for your 2019 Honda Clarity! Make an appointment today for exceptional electric vehicle repair and service for your Clarity. Many stores remain open into the evening and on weekends. Vehicle diagnostic and repair services cost extra. Participating stores only. Most vehicles.