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Kia may be a major brand of motor vehicles on the road today, but the company's roots began in an entirely different mode of transportation. In 1944, the Kyungsung Precision Industry was founded to manufacture bicycle parts and steel tubing in South Korea. By the early 1950s, Kyungsung Precision Industry was making complete bicycles, and the company changed its name to Kia Industries.

Over the next two decades, Kia's production evolved. They made motorcycles for Honda, as well as cars and trucks for Ford, Mazda, and Fiat. 1974 was the first year that Kia manufactured vehicles under its own name, beginning with the Kia Brisa model. Just one year later, in 1975, Kia started to export its namesake vehicles, while continuing to manufacture for other auto companies. The company's vehicles grew in popularity outside South Korea and Asia, and Kia Motors America was established in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. in 1992. In 1994, the Kia Sephia became the first Kia vehicle to launch in the United States. Just a few years later, the Asian Financial Crisis forced Kia to declare bankruptcy. The company merged with Hyundai in 1997, and Kia has since become a leading technological innovator in the auto industry. Kia’s $1 billion manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia opened in 2010, marking 15 years of increased revenue for the company in the United States.

Now, the Kia Sorento, Kia Soul, Kia Optima, and Kia Forte fuel the company's continued success. No matter what Kia model you drive, you know that Kia maintenance is key to staying on the road and keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. When it comes to Kia repair and maintenance services, you can trust the skilled technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care to care for your Kia like it was their own car.

Kia vehicles are known for reliability, and likewise, Firestone Complete Auto Care can offer reliable Kia auto repair. Need to check and see if you’re up to date on your Kia maintenance schedule? We’ve got you covered. Choose the year and model of your Kia from the menu above to see recommended maintenance intervals and services for your Kia, then head to Firestone Complete Auto Care to take care of any Kia maintenance services. Regular Kia maintenance could extend the life of your vehicle, and keeping up with scheduled Kia maintenance can help you stay ahead of any potential car trouble before it even begins.

Firestone Complete Auto Care works hard to be a Kia repair shop you can count on. Whether you need Kia auto repair after an accident or a simple fluid top-off, we’re here to help with your Kia repair and maintenance needs. Not sure what your Kia needs? Make an appointment online, then head to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care location for a convenient courtesy check. We’ll take a look under the hood (and everywhere else!) and let you know how to best care for your Kia. When it comes to Kia repair and maintenance services, your local Firestone Complete Auto Care is the place to go.