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Long before they developed the now-beloved Mazda Miata, Mazda released its first vehicle—a three-wheeled truck—in 1931. Throughout the 1960s, Mazda engineers worked to create the world's first rotary engine. Now, according to their website, Mazda builds its philosophy around a desire to “inspire, excite and most of all – bring people joy” when they're behind the wheel.

From the time the first lightweight R360 Coupe was released in 1960 (it boasted a whopping 75 MPG!), Mazda vehicles have upheld both a spirit of fun and a high standard of efficient performance. The popular Mazda Miata was first released in 1989, and today's version (the MX-5 Miata RF) holds the impressive number 3 spot on Kelley Blue Book's list of the most fuel-efficient coupes in 2019. Today, Mazda's most popular model is the Mazda CX-5 Crossover, and the manufacturer continues to expand its model offerings to accommodate sports car lovers and families alike.

Just like any carefully engineered machine, Mazda vehicles perform at their best when properly maintained. Fortunately, Mazda maintenance is easy with Firestone Complete Auto Care. To keep your Mazda ready for the open road, we rely on a recommended maintenance schedule for every Mazda vehicle we service. This schedule is written specifically for each Mazda model and contains instructions for optimal service intervals for Mazda repair and maintenance services, such as oil changes, tire rotations, engine repairs, and essential fluid replacements.

To see which services Mazda recommends for your vehicle, select the year and model of your car from the menu above. Then, you can learn more about the services and adjustments that can help keep your car running newer, longer. You’ll also find information on the appropriate tires for Mazda vehicles, and you can even shop tires online for your Mazda using Firestone Complete Auto Care’s simple tire purchase and installation process.

Not sure if you’re up to date on your Mazda maintenance schedule? No problem! Just head to Firestone Complete Auto Care, where we can assess your car’s unique needs based on mileage, engine performance, fluid levels, tire balance readings, and more. Our technicians know Mazda maintenance schedules and can provide suggestions on how to restore or optimize your Mazda vehicle's performance with an oil change, tire replacement, or other routine services.

While preventative Mazda maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle in optimal shape, we know that life happens. Whether you and your Mazda have been in an accident or you've noticed that something feels "off" when you drive your vehicle, you can rely on Firestone Complete Auto Care to be your Mazda repair shop. Firestone Complete Auto Care technicians are well-versed in Mazda repair services, and we stand by every Mazda auto repair job with our Triple Promise Guarantee: Fixed Right, Priced Right, Right on Time.

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we’re here to answer your questions about Mazda repairs, the right tires for Mazdas, and so much more. Take care of your Mazda with top-notch Mazda auto repair and maintenance, and it’ll take care of you. Book your appointment online today and come to Firestone Complete Auto Care today for the Mazda repair shop experience that you—and your Mazda—deserve.