Electric Vehicle Service for 2000 Nissan Altra EVs

Maintain Your Nissan Altra EV

Your Nissan Altra EV isn’t just a car. It’s a part of your lifestyle. Keep it running newer, longer and schedule your routine maintenance appointment today.

2000 Nissan Altra EV Maintenance

A little service can go a long way. Select a maintenance service below to learn about properly caring for your 2000 Nissan Altra EV.

Questions About 2000 Nissan Altra EV Electric Systems

  • Does it cost more to repair Nissan Altra EV electric vehicle systems? The answer is, it depends. Certain high voltage parts are only available as components in larger units. We do offer promotional financing through the Firestone credit card.* (*Subject to credit approval.)
  • When do Nissan Altra EV brakes need to be replaced? The best way to know is with a brake check. You also want to stay on top of your manufacturer suggested maintenance intervals for Nissan Altra EV brakes. Generally speaking, front brake pad wear may be significantly reduced in electric vehicles due to regenerative braking.
  • What do I do if my Nissan Altra EV dashboard warning light is on? There are so many reasons the Altra EV dashboard warning light can illuminate. Stop by Firestone Complete Auto Care for an electric vehicle diagnostic to learn more. You may also have a warning light on the dash regarding your high voltage system.

Complete Car Care for Your 2000 Nissan Altra EV

Is the Nissan dealership the only place you can have your Altra EV serviced? Nope! From the front tires to the rear suspension, your local Firestone Complete Auto Care can service almost every part of your Nissan Altra EV, too. Appointments are quick and easy to make. Book one for normal car care like tire service and repair, brake pad/rotor replacement, A/C service, cabin air filter replacement, wheel alignment, and even basic windshield wiper installation. We're here to renew your ride, completely. Your Nissan Altra EV is in the hands of a technician who has been trained to maintain electric cars. Schedule an appointment today for Nissan Altra EV electric vehicle maintenance.

Local EV Service for 2000 Nissan Altra EV

Does your Nissan Altra EV run differently than it used to? Maybe you've noticed slower acceleration, or it just doesn't feel as "peppy" as it once did. If so, our technicians can perform a complimentary* electric/hybrid vehicle check to get a better idea. Perhaps there is trouble inside your Altra EV's high voltage cooling system -- a high voltage battery that's running hot will strain the battery's performance. Or, maybe your Altra EV has Diagnostic Trouble Codes stored in one of its electric modules? Your local Firestone Complete Auto Care location is equipped to offer conventional and low voltage services for all electric car makes and models, including 2000 Nissan Altra EVs.

Some Firestone Complete Auto Care locations also provide high voltage/advanced services for Electric Vehicles like the Nissan Altra EV. A high voltage service is anything that requires removing the Altra EV's high voltage, safety/service disconnect switch/plug, servicing high voltage electric machines/motors, the high voltage battery pack, high voltage A/C compressor, any high voltage cables, etc. Call your local store before making an appointment to check if high voltage services are offered.

Your store's high voltage electric vehicle service may include:

Electric vehicle diagnostic: After any symptoms are identified, then our team performs a diagnostic on your 2000 Nissan Altra EV to get to the root of the trouble. With the information gathered, a professional technician can further diagnose electric vehicle problems you're having and determine what tests (if any) are needed. No repairs are performed without your consent.

High voltage battery cooling inspection: The technician will closely examine the high voltage battery's filter and, if needed, clean the battery's ducts. (This applies to air-cooled high voltage batteries.  Liquid-cooled or refrigerant-cooled high voltage batteries are inspected differently.)

High voltage cable inspection: The outer cable jackets and connectors on your 2000 Altra EV will be inspected and tested to ensure high voltage is NOT transferring to the chassis. Your technician will notify you if the cable is in need of replacement.

Isolation test: For this test, a special tool is used to reveal if a high voltage component is "leaking" energy to the vehicle's chassis.

Remove and replace high voltage battery: Is the battery in your Nissan Altra EV dead? Electric vehicle batteries can sometimes fail sooner than expected in hotter climates or if you often use Level 3 fast-charging stations, as these stations can heat up the battery more. We can replace your electric vehicle's high voltage battery.

Health check for the power electronic systems: We'll inspect the power inverter, electric drive machine(s)/motor(s), and/or regenerative braking in your Nissan Altra EV.

These are only a few of the special electric car services that could be available at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care. Call ahead to confirm!

Electric Vehicle Maintenance for Your 2000 Nissan Altra EV

You don't have to wait for odd smells, leaks, or noises to stop by for electric vehicle care. Investing in 2000 Nissan Altra EV manufacturer suggested maintenance is one of the best ways to help avoid repairs from the get-go! Your local Firestone technicians can take care of your scheduled maintenance to help keep your electric vehicle running newer, longer.

We're working to shape the future of electric vehicle care. You are, too, just by driving and taking care of your 2000 Nissan Altra EV! Make an appointment today for great electric vehicle service and repair for your 2000 Nissan Altra EV. Tons of locations are open in the evenings and over the weekend. Vehicle diagnostic and repair services cost extra. Participating stores only. Most vehicles.