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Looking for a one-stop auto shop for your beloved Pontiac? Firestone Complete Auto Care has you covered. We understand that your Pontiac has specific needs. No matter the year or the model, your Pontiac gets great care from our expert technicians. From oil changes and tire services, to full vehicle inspections, we’re here to help extend the life of your Pontiac by keeping it running newer, longer.

There are a few car brands that evoke the spirit of true American craftsmanship. Among them is Pontiac. Since 1926, Pontiac has been gracing the road with its classically designed automobiles. Throughout the decades, Pontiac embraced the vehicle trends of the time and even paved its own road in vehicle design. The classic 1950s Bonneville has roots in the Indy 500, while the sporty Firebird Trans Am caught every jealous eye in the 1980s.

In more recent decades, Pontiac’s focus on engine performance made it a top competitor in the sports car market. The Grand Prix was chosen as the official car of NASCAR in 1987 as part of Generation 3 of NASCAR vehicles.  In fact, NASCAR drivers have relied on Pontiac vehicles to secure dozens of iconic victories throughout many decades. With its focus on developing performance engines, Pontiac was able to define what an American muscle car truly was. As more mid-sized vehicles featured the powerful V8 engine, people’s desire for speed, power and style became accessible.

Even though the last Pontiac rolled its way off the assembly line in 2010, the Pontiac spirit is very much alive and well on the road today. Manufacturing dependable automobiles was (and still is) a core characteristic of Pontiac. So, it only makes sense that you depend on yours to get you where you need to go for years to come. Whether it’s a newer model or a timeless classic, your Pontiac is in good hands with the technicians at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care. We can handle Pontiac repairs!

Looking to discover more about Pontiac maintenance and repair needs? First, consult your owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s service recommendations and maintenance schedule. Second, you can select your Pontiac model and year number from the list to discover tire size recommendations, oil types, and other routine maintenance recommendations. If you’re still unsure, bring your Pontiac into one of our Firestone Complete Auto Care locations. Our technicians are trained to know your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. Now that’s Pontiac auto repair made easy!

Without a dedicated dealership nearby, Pontiac owners are left searching for a Pontiac repair shop that will take care of their entire vehicle while maintaining the integrity of the American-made automobile. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we make sure that your Pontiac is handled with care. Our technicians provide complete service to your Pontiac. Oil changes, fluid exchanges, proper engine care, tire services, and full vehicle inspections are all in a day’s work at a Firestone Complete Auto Care near you.