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In 2003, Scion began as a test lab division under the Toyota umbrella. Japanese automaker Toyota saw a need to design vehicles that would appeal to a younger, creative crowd, and Scion was the company’s way to meet that need.

From the start, Scion vehicles were anything but ordinary. From the revolutionary boxy coupe design of the Scion xB to the sleek and sporty vibe of the FR-S, Scion cars were built to stand out on the road and under the hood. Backed by the longstanding reputation of Toyota, Scion vehicles were strategically crafted to be both reliable and expressive.

The executives behind Scion knew that design and function were only part of the puzzle, so they set out to simplify the purchase process for young consumers interested in buying a Scion. With affordable vehicle prices and a no-nonsense buying process, Scion’s central mission was to provide unique and sensible vehicle options for those who refused to buy “just any old car.” Never-before-seen color and design elements made Scion into a brand that was loved by creatives and car lovers alike.

Although Toyota stopped manufacturing Scion vehicles in 2016, the sleek, standout spirit of Scion continues with Toyota’s Yaris, Corolla Hatchback, and 86 models. If you own a Scion, you need service and maintenance as unique and tailored to your lifestyle as your vehicle itself. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we make Scion repair and maintenance easy.

Scion vehicles were built to last, but they can only do so with regular Scion maintenance services. Toyota has specific guidelines for each Scion model, and these Scion maintenance recommendations can help keep your car running newer, longer. From oil changes and fluid exchanges to tire rotations and brake pad replacements, you can rely on Firestone Complete Auto Care for your Scion auto repair and maintenance needs. To see what Toyota recommends at certain milestones for optimal Scion maintenance, choose your model from the menu above.

About to head out on a long road trip? Need a minor repair? Take care of your Scion, and it'll take care of you. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers diagnostic testing for when something doesn't feel right in your Scion, and we provide top-notch Scion repair services to address problems right from the start. Our technicians are trained to assess what type of Scion repair you may need and make expert recommendations to keep your Scion running smoothly for years to come.

Your Scion is made to stand out amongst other cars on the road, and Firestone Complete Auto Care strives to stand out amongst other Scion repair shops. We know Scions—from their funky front hoods to their tailpipes. When you come to Firestone Complete Auto Care, our knowledge of Scion repair can give you peace of mind and a hassle-free service experience.

Did you know? When you make Firestone Complete Auto Care your Scion auto repair shop of choice, you can schedule services whenever it’s convenient for you. Check out the recommended Scion maintenance services for your vehicle using the menu above, then come to Firestone Complete Auto Care and get your vehicle up to date. Find your nearest Firestone  Complete Auto Care, and use our convenient online scheduling system to make an appointment for Scion repair and maintenance services.