Nearest A/C Repair for Your 2014 Scion iQ

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Chill out. Our technicians are trained to inspect and repair 2014 Scion iQ A/C systems. Stop by today to enjoy some free air conditioning and an A/C performance check.

A/C Maintenance Schedule for 2014 Scion iQ

Is it time for an A/C recharge for your 2014  Scion iQ? Learn about manufacturer-recommended service intervals for your air conditioning system.

A/C Service for Scion iQ

Few things are worse than a broken car air conditioner on a hot summer day. Is that a hot stove? Nope, just your steering wheel. That puddle in the driver’s seat? Sweat. Ugh. You wipe your brow and wonder, "Who can fix the A/C in my Scion iQ?" Easy — Firestone Complete Auto Care! We know our way around Scion vehicles, and our trained technicians can identify and repair issues with 2014 Scion A/C systems. Come to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care in your Scion iQ

In this A/C performance inspection, we’ll check out the current condition of your 2014 Scion iQ A/C system to see if repair work is required. We’ll test overall system performance, check for any leaks, and measure the system pressure. If any signs point to a possible leak, we’ll send a special U/V dye through the system, or use something called a “sniffer.” What’s a “sniffer,” you ask? It’s a specially designed machine that’s used on parts of your Scion iQ A/C system to detect any refrigerant fumes that might be leaking out from the system. If your system has a leak, we can get it fixed.

iQ A/C Recharge

When we perform an A/C repair on your 2014 Scion iQ, we’ll also do an A/C evacuation and recharge. To start this process, a technician will flush out the old refrigerant from your vehicle’s A/C system. Then, they’ll perform an evacuation (also known as a discharge) on the entire system per Scion guidelines. To finish, we’ll add new refrigerant to recharge the A/C system, and after one final test to be sure the system is cooling properly, you’re good to go. Our technicians know how to keep your A/C in tip-top shape with 2014 Scion iQ A/C recharges.

Common Scion iQ A/C Problems

Hot air is a common Scion iQ A/C problem, but it’s not the only issue you might encounter. Typical A/C problems also include weak airflow, which could mean you have a compromised seal, mildew or mold buildup, a loose or damaged hose, or a ventilation fan that needs to be replaced. If you notice that your A/C system’s air is cold at first, then quickly goes warm, this may be due to a clogged expansion valve, faulty compressor clutch, blown fuse, or leak. Are you breathing in some “interesting” new odors in your 2014 Scion iQ? That could be the result of a dirty cabin air filter (an easy fix!) or a moldy evaporator case. Our technicians will work to solve your A/C problems to the best of their ability. Don’t sweat it — we’re here to help you chill out again in your iQ.